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РГПУ им. Герцена 2004
Институт дефектологического образования и реабилитации (Факультет коррекционной педагогики)

Семья и семейное положение

Моя семья


Увлечения и интересы

Несколько слов о себе

Dedication to the correct timing

Мои интересы

HD, радфем

Любимые цитаты

"Он учил его отличать правду жизни от собственных фантазий и всегда стойко смотреть ей в глаза" (с)

It is what it is. It will always be what it is, it just is, this is it. It is what it is. (с)

Life is not about reasons (с)

"I am not my life. I am my entertainment. Passenger consciousness... We are passengers here... you have to let go of your mind, choosing for you. There is nothing to choose. Surrender. When your mind no longer chooses, this is surrender. And how hard it is for the mind to get there... You can not longer see anymore, you can only pretend, you can only fool yourself and fool the others. It's all a formula. The lines, the plots, the roles they are only formulas... We are not here to be afraid. We are not here to be afraid of what happens to us. It's not the point, the point is, can we be aware? If you look at the world the answer is probably no. But there's always those of the extremes, that have that kind of opportunity... what is so difficult to grasp for human beings is the way your mind works, the way your personality functions, they are all formula! There's nothing to do but watch it, unfold it, watching the perfection of your formula unfold. Don't let your mind dictate the doing. Let the doing get done, watch the movie". Ra

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